The descriptive information included on this website (& all associated images) is copyrighted. These may not be copied or replicated without the prior authorization of Barron Maps or appropriate credit/acknowledgement. The text of individual descriptions may not be copied, re-used or republished, in part or in full, without such permissions/credits/acknowledgements. Please inquire if you should wish to obtain permissions & rights from Barron Maps for the  re-use and republication (for commercial purposes) of any text or images included on this site.


We only sell genuine antique maps. They carry with them a full guarantee as to their authenticity. A certificate to this effect can be provided with any order, if so required.

Catalogue and website descriptions

The catalogue and website descriptions are produced to reflect as accurately as possible the overall condition of each item. We always try to describe such defects and faults as there may be in as much detail and with as much accuracy as possible.

Dates of publication

Under each catalogue entry and item description, the information will usually show the date of the map’s first publication and then the date of the particular edition of the item being described : e.g [1626]1627. Unless the item is a first edition, the date of first publication will usually be shown in brackets. Where the exact date cannot be precisely determined from the information available, an approximate date of the map and its edition will be given : e.g c.1680.

Map Colouring

Where indicated original or contemporary colouring (i.e colouring applied to the map at or about the time of publication) will be so described. All other colouring will be colouring that, in our opinion, has been added to the map at a later and more recent date.

Catalogue Prices

All prices are shown nett and in British Pounds Sterling. List prices do not include postage or shipping costs which are extra.

A standard courtesy trade discount may be granted to bona fide & full-time professional trade colleagues but we cannot always guarantee to apply this discount in each and every case.

Please note that the prices shown in the Catalogue and online are as quoted at the time of publication and we reserve the right to amend, revise or change them at any time.

Taxes & VAT

Antique maps and atlases are zero-rated for VAT purposes within the UK and no additional UK taxes or charges are liable for their exportation outside the UK. Antique prints, posters and engravings ordinarily attract VAT @ 20% on their sale both within the UK and EC (excepting sales to EC VAT registered dealers within the EC). We are currently not registered for VAT.

Any additional import charges or taxes incurred locally within the country of the purchaser are the exclusive responsibility of the purchaser and not of the seller.

Export Regulations

For very high-value individual items current UK & EC Export licensing regulations apply. Please inquire if you require clarification on this issue.


Unless otherwise agreed in advance, payment &/or your settlement arrangements should be made with your order.

Cancellation of Contract of Sale / Returns

Although items are described with as much accuracy and detail as possible, if for any reason, an order should not prove to a customer’s complete satisfaction, then they are fully entitled to return the item to us within 14 days of receipt with the guarantee of a full refund. Advance notification should be made to us prior to any item’s intended return and within the 14-day period after receipt.

For further detailed information regarding your rights regarding the cancellation of any contract of sale with us, the returns process and reimbursement and/or to notify us of your intention to cancel an order/contract of sale with us, please see the adjacent pages:

Cancellation Form

Order Cancellations: Guidance & Instructions for Buyers


Full title to all goods remains with Roderick M. Barron until settlement has been received in full.

Postage Charges and Shipping

Postage within the UK and overseas will be charged extra on all shipments. All items will usually be dispatched in strong cardboard tubes or flat packages by registered or recorded mail unless otherwise requested. A flat rate on all shipments will be made as follows :-

UK: £10.00
Europe: £15.00
Zone 1 (USA, Middle East, S.E.Asia): £25.00
Zone 2 (Japan, Far East, Australasia): £30.00
International Federal Express Courier: £75.00

UK shipments are normally sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery post (next day). For shipments within Europe customers should expect delivery of items in 5-10 working days maximum; for shipments to Zones 1 & 2, customers should expect delivery of items in 10-15 working days.

Fedex courier shipments are usually delivered in about 3-5 working days, depending on the country of destination. Please note these schedules should only be used as a guideline and cannot be guaranteed.

An item’s delivery schedule is ultimately dependent upon the internal postal services of the delivery country and may also be affected by events beyond our control, for example local customs delays etc.

Please note that whilst we will always endeavour to adhere to the above standard tariffs, for unusually oversized or heavy packages, shipping prices for such items may require individually tailored price quotations.