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Sommerschau über Europa 1915. Erweiterter Masstab 3 gegen 8

  • Author: 'A.K' (Artist & engraver)
  • Publisher: Verlag Lucas Gräfe, Hamburg (Publishers) / Gebrüder Ludeking, Hamburg (Printers)
  • Date: 1915
  • Dimensions: Image: 66 x 51 cms / Sheet: 70.9 x 55 cms.


The second of a pair of German satirical propaganda maps by Hamburg publisher Lucas Gräfe & depicting Europe in Summer 1915

About this piece:

Sommerschau über Europa 1915. Erweiterter Masstab 3 gegen 8 [Summer Show over Europe 1915, Enlarged scale 3 against 8]


Printed Colours. Folds. Original printed paper cover title to upper left of verso. A clean and very nicely preserved example.

This is the second of a scarce pair of German satirical maps issued by Hamburg publisher, Lucas Gräfe. The first dates from the Spring of 1915, prior to Italy’s entry into the War on the side of the Allies. This second map depicts the war situation in the Summer of 1915, when the Central Powers now faced additional hostilities on the newly opened Italian front. In keeping with the previous map, the simple, child-like pictorial style, reminiscent of a traditional nursery-rhyme story, is again embellished by short snatches of rhyming verse which highlight the perceived status and position of each of the assorted European neutrals and combatants.

 John Bull is now a fisherman, casting lines around the British Isles in the hope of catching some new allies, whom he can then bankroll with the sacks of money in his war chest. “John Bull tries angling, but no little fishes bite any more” notes the verse. In France, Marianne is now reduced to walking on crutches “made & paid (for) by Italia”, her old war (hobby) horse (as featured in the earlier map) now lying wrecked & upturned in the waters of the Mediterranean. In Italy, a newly enlisted bersaglieri receives an Austrian rifle butt in the face: “Italy wants to swallow Austria, but has forgotten its power”, comments the German text. On the Eastern Front, the Russian giant is pushed back by German & Austrian troops, “After a short period, the Russian will flee, back to where he came from”, states the commentator. The Serb seeks a route to the sea through Albania, much to the annoyance of the Italian. The Turk sits devouring Allied warships as neighbours look on in amazement at the Sick Man’s appetite & decide to leave him in peace.  Neutral Spain has continuing designs on the British outpost of Gibraltar (as in the previous map),whilst neighbour Portugal’s suicidal tendencies continue without any outside intervention. In Scandinavia & Holland, the neutrals continue to sit vigilantly on the side lines, happily trying to avoid any trouble.

The map is one of a pair published by the Hamburg firm of Lucas Gräfe and it has been suggested by some authorities that the initials with which both maps are signed “A.K” denote the hand of the renowned German historical painter, Arthur Kampf [1884-1950].

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