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Nazi War Aims Revealed by secret Nazi Map – circulated in 1937

  • Author: Anonymous
  • Publisher: HMSO / British Ministry of Information
  • Date: 1939-40
  • Dimensions: 51 x 38 cms


British propaganda map poster, dating from the period of the 1939-40 “Phoney War”: German plans of European conquest to 1948

About this piece:

Nazi War Aims Revealed by secret Nazi Map – circulated in 1937 – Grab! Grab!! Grab!!! That’s the Nazi Policy –

Separately published colour-printed propaganda poster. Faint traces of old folds. Invisibly repaired short tear in bottom blank margin at lower right, otherwise a clean and very well-preserved example.

Probably first issued in November 1939, this remarkable propaganda poster designed and published by the British Ministry of Information (MOI) seeks to offer the British public definitive proof of the long-planned agenda of German land grabbing & territorial expansionism in Europe.

The documentary proof is a German map that it is claimed had originally been found in the former Czechoslovakia in 1937. It is reproduced in grey-coloured facsimile in the upper right of the sheet and headed with the Nazi slogan: Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer [One people, one realm, one leader!]. The individual map images delineate the proposed territorial expansion of “Greater Germany ” and her ensuing military conquest of Europe in the decade between 1938 & 1948.

As the text explains:

ABOVE is a photograph of a map issued by the Nazis in 1937. Note the hooked Sudeten Swastika, for the map was found in Czechoslovakia. See how the Germans aimed at conquering most of Europe, including Great Britain, by 1948. Consider how this plan was being carried out. MARCH 1938 AUSTRIA taken – OCT. 1938 SUDETENLAND taken – MARCH 1939 Remainder of CZECHOSLOVAKIA taken – MARCH 1939 MEMEL taken – SEPT. 1939 POLAND taken – Now the policy of ‘Grab – Grab – Grab’ is at last halted.

To illustrate more clearly the information extrapolated from the 1937 German map, a larger and more detailed coloured map of the European Continent fills the sheet, with Germany in 1937 marked in black, her planned 1938 Austrian and Czech satellites in maroon, her anticipated 1939 Hungarian & Polish acquisitions in dark brown and her expected 1940 Balkan acquisitions in Jugoslavia, Rumania, and Bulgaria in light brown. Ukraine is to be taken by 1941, as also Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Northern France & Switzerland; finally Scandinavia, Portugal and Great Britain should all be in German hands before 1948.

The poster featured in the British Government’s Mass Observation surveys of April 1940, as the Ministry of Information sought to gauge the responses & reactions of the British civilian population on the Home Front to its increasingly numerous range of wartime public information & propaganda posters. This was at the height of the so-called “Phoney War”, that uncertain period after the initial declaration of war in September 1939 and prior to the German invasion of Belgium & Holland in May 1940.

The original M.O. reports of April 1940 relating to this poster were originally part of the M.O. Archive of the University of Sussex. They are now preserved in the East Sussex Archives at The Keep, Brighton.

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