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Le coup de balai

  • Author: BOBY, R (artist)
  • Publisher: Barant & Gallon, Tours (publishers)
  • Date: 1914
  • Dimensions: 14 x 8.9 cms


A rare satirical map postcard depicting the German retreat after the First Battle of the Marne (September 1914)

About this piece:

Le coup de balai [Cleaning up]

Printed colours. Used. Nicely preserved example.

Attractive and uncommon French map postcard by artist R Boby, published by the Tours firm of Barbot & Gallon in late 1914. It offers a satirical perspective on the decisive French victory at the First Battle of the Marne: a giant French soldier, wearing the red cap of Liberty, sweeps clean France’s north-eastern territories, the massed ranks of lilliputian German invaders retreating in disarray, as Indian, British & Belgian allies look on.