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Europa im zweiten Kriegsjahr 1915-16

  • Author: EDELBÜTTEL, Richard
  • Publisher: Hindenburg-Cognac-Vertriebs-Gesellschaft m.b.H (Publishers) / Knackstedt & Co, Hamburg (Printers)
  • Date: 1916
  • Dimensions: Image: 58 x 39.5 cms / Sheet: 59.6 x 44.7 cms.


Propaganda & commerce in harness – a 1916 satirical war map of Europe promoting a German Brandy endorsed by Paul von Hindenburg

About this piece:

Europa im zweiten Kriegsjahr 1915-16

Some minor cosmetic repairs, with very slight traces of residual old tape staining in upper margins. 

An exceptionally rare piece of commercial map propaganda, a German satirical map of Europe by artist Richard Eddelbüttel [1856-1942] and issued in about March 1916, by the makers of a prominent German brandy, named after & endorsed by military commander & national hero, Paul von Hindenburg [1847-1934]. Hindenburg’s portrait, in the guise of a medieval knight, the company brand mark, adorns the top of the title cartouche in the lower right. The accompanying text roughly translates as follows:

Germans! Demand German products! German brandy. German liqueur. Hindenburg of the same quality and vintages as was supplied to the Officers’ mess at the main Headquarters of His Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II. Hindenburg Brandy Sales Co. Ltd. Grünberg in Schlesien [now Zielona Gorà in western Poland]. Grünberg in Schlesien Brandy Distillery. The biggest Brandy Distillery in Germany. Special permission to use the name “Hindenburg” was granted by His Excellency Field Marshal General von Hindenburg. In restaurants and delicatessens ask expressly for the German “Hindenburg” brand of brandy and liqueur.

The map depicts the extent of German successes after eighteen months of conflict. German advances on the Western Front are clearly marked as the Imperial German Eagle pecks at the eye of a distressed British Lion. John Bull shelters under a flimsy umbrella, his money sacks gathered round him, as Zeppelins & German bombers gather menacingly overhead. A symbolic grasping British spider extends its long legs across the Channel where Marianne sits distraught as French President Poincaré pours coins into welcoming hands hiding in the boot that is neighbouring Italy. A new road and railway link Berlin & Constantinople, where a German Imperial Staff car arrives to the warm greetings of the Turkish Sultan. Von Hindenburg’s statuesque presence marks German-occupied territories on the Eastern Front and casts a long lingering shadow over the approaching Russian steamroller, as its driver, the Tsar, jumps off in terror at the sight of the unfolding debacle.