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Australia – Her Natural and Industrial Resources

  • Author: GILL, (Leslie) MacDonald
  • Publisher: Alf Cooke Ltd, Leeds & London (printers)
  • Date: 1942
  • Dimensions: 71 x 46 cms


Australia – 1942 map poster by MacDonald Gill, emphasizing the crucial importance of Commonwealth nations to the Allied War effort

About this piece:

Australia – Her Natural and Industrial Resources

Colour-printed map poster. Narrow margins as issued. Fold traces. Overall in very nice original condition.

A decorative pictorial map of Australia showing her natural and industrial resources, printed by Alf Cooke Ltd of Leeds. This map poster was one of a series designed by Gill in 1942 depicting the home countries of Britain’s Commonwealth allies – Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The posters were disseminated as wartime propaganda through such outlets as the New York offices of the British Information Services. The aim was to bring attention to the immense natural and industrial resources that could be provided by each of these countries in support of Britain during her wartime struggle, through industrial output, military hardware, raw materials, food supplies and manpower.

As is noted in the text panel of this poster:

Australia in war and peace. Australia’s industrial resources have been completely reorganised to meet war-time demands. Her factories are now turning out armaments of many types and aircraft, including fighters and bombers. Her shipbuilding programme includes destroyers, minesweepers and merchant vessels. In addition, Australia is contributing to a great wheat pool which will help to feed the starving peoples of Europe when the war is over. 

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