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Die Welt aus Deutscher Sicht 2013

  • Author: HOHNE, Frank (artist) / GRAUEL, Ralf & SCHWOCHOW, Jan (authors)
  • Publisher: Gestalten Publishers, Germany
  • Date: 2013
  • Dimensions: sheet: 84.5 x 59.5 cms


Die Welt aus Deutscher Sicht: Satirical and politically incorrect German perspective on the contemporary World published in 2013

About this piece:

Satirical World Map poster:

Die Welt aus Deutscher Sicht

Deutschland verstehen – Ein Lese-, Lern-und Anschaubuch

Sheet: 84.5 x 59.5 cms. Original colour-printed map poster, folded vertically and horizontally at centre. Slight wear along folds and the paper very slightly creased in a few spots adjacent to folds. Otherwise a clean and bright example in original (unbacked) condition.

Wonderful 21st Century satirical World map poster providing an entertaining & decidedly politically incorrect view of the World as perceived from a contemporary German point of view.

Designed by artist Frank Höhne, it was issued in 2013 by German publishers Gestalten as a promotional piece to accompany the publication of their 2013 book “Deutschland verstehen” by authors Ralf Grauel and Jan Schwochow. Originally offered for sale for a price of  €10, the poster proved immensely popular and is now long out of print and now extremely difficult to source.

The map itself follows very much in the politically incorrect tradition and style of David Horsey’s famous 1980s satirical World map posters of the Ronald Reagan era. North America is “Facebook”, Canada is a land of “trees” and “bears”, where front doors are left open & unlocked. Mexico and Central America are identified as the home of “adulterated drugs”; northern South America as just “drugs”, and Southern South America, including Brazil and Argentina, as the location of “cattle with flatulence” (Rinder mit Blähungen)! Interestingly an arrow points to Chile & the final place of exile of Margot Honecker, wife of the former leader of communist East Germany. She had fled to South America shortly before her husband’s famous 1993 show trial in Berlin. He would follow her to Chile after the trial. The pair would end their days in Santiago, Erich dying in May 1994 and Margot in May 2016. Cuba is identified as “Communism” whilst the remaining islands of the West Indies are simply “holiday” destinations. Greenland has “melted”, Iceland is the home of “Björk”, “loans”, “geysers” and “holidays“. Great Britain is a country that “once was powerful”; Ireland is “Bono” and “butter”; “Our beaches” are pinpointed around the Mediterranean; “Our taxes” are shown going to all the other countries of Europe, especially Eastern and Southern Europe; and “Our money” is all located in the secretive darkly outlined confines of Switzerland! Scandinavia is “Ikea”, Russia is the homeland of “women with billionaires” and “Women with beards”! Africa is a Continent marked by “Drought” and “Problems”. Turkey is the Berlin suburb of Neukölln (known for its large Turkish community) “without the Germans”! The Middle East is “Problems”; India is “Computer Programmers”; China is the Far Eastern outpost of major German manufacturing companies such as Bosch, Adidas and Volkswagen; South East Asia is “holiday destinations” and “pirates”; Australia is “I’m A Celebrity Get me out of here!” and New Zealand is the land of “Hobbits”. Japan is poignantly highlighted as “radiation”, a reference to the nuclear accident at Fukushima in the wake of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.